Summer Interns 2017

Hugo Zavaleta Rojas

Hugo Zavaleta Rojas is student at East Los Angeles College. He currently working on getting an Associate’s degree in Mathematics at his college. By the time he transfer to a four year school he will be pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is preparing himself at his community college by taking computer science course for his major. and is currently assisting in the research project BlockChain Technology in the department of Biomedical Informatics. 



Xinnan Chen

Xinnan is an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are machine learning, neural network, and data security. She enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking. 

Luz Mascorro Ramirez

I will be an iDash intern throughout my summer. I am part of the graduating class of 2017 from The Preuss School UCSD. I will be pursuing a career in mechanical engineering at UC Merced this fall. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. I have a family of four. I am fluent in both english and spanish. My goal is to get my masters after I finish my undergraduate then to eventually acquire my phd. 

Alex Cabral

Alex Cabral earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University. After graduating, she worked at Microsoft for a few years before becoming a high school Computer Science teacher. She is currently completing her M.S. in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington. She is interested in Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics, and Computer Science Education. In her free time she enjoys learning new things, traveling, and being outdoors. 

Luyao Chen

Luyao is currently a master student in Information Security Policy and Management at Heinz College of Carnage Mellon University. His research interests include using different encryption algorithm to protect the data security and privacy, graphic data modeling for Genomic data and efficient indexing and searching of large scale Genomic data.