Under Development

Listed below are tools developed by the iDASH team that are under development.

Name Description

Informed CONsent for clinical record and Sample use in research (iCONS)



iCONS is an ecosystem. It is comprised of two tools connected by the Permission Ontology, which acts as a bridge. The first tool, an Electronic Informed Consent Management System, electronically supports the informed consent process, and provides multimedia resources to educate subjects on the consequences of sharing clinical data and samples for future research. The second tool, the Resource Mediator, maximizes researchers' access to available clinical data and samples, while checking compliance with subjects' permissions.



The Electronic Informed Consent Management system is a Drupal web application.

The Resource Mediator is a Java application.

The Permission Ontology is defined in the Ontology Web Language (OWL).


Tutorial:  Click here to see a demo


Citation for The Resource Mediator: Grando MA, Schwab R, Boxwala A, and Alipanah N. “Ontological approach for the management of informed consent permissions,” 2nd IEEE International Conference on Healthcare informatics, Imaging, and Systems Biology, UCSD, 51-60, 2012.

Interactive Matching Patients And randomized Clinical Trials (IMPACT)

IMPACT aims to reach out and motivate recruiting participants for randomized clinical
trials (RCT) in a dynamic and interactive manner, as motivated by the successful commercial group
discount market (Groupon.com). The system keeps track of volunteers and only releases their contact information to
authorized researchers of a study upon successful enrollment to better preserve patient privacy. The tool provide an easy-to-use web service that allows patients easily find the local randomized clinical trials
with most updated enrollment status (e.g., number of additional participants needed to reach the
minimum cohort size, remaining time to enroll), check eligibility status, and join interested studies.