Notice: At this time, the funding of the iDASH program is over. Unfortunately, we have to sunset the data within iDASH. All data within any of the communities in iDASH will no longer be accessible after 07/30/2017. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at . Data owners who need help finding a new repository for their data or who are interested in a fee-based hosting service can also contact us at


1) Download the appropriate DUA.


  • Click here to download the DUA for any type of data contribution

To ACCESS data:

  • Click here if you are NOT from the UC System and want download the DUA to access private or limited datasets in iDASH
  • Click here if you are from the UC System and would like to download the DUA to access private or limited datasets
  • If you are from any institution and would like to access public datasets, visit the iDASH repository.


2) Submit your DUA.

Completed DUAs should be signed by users contributing or accessing data, the organization’s legal authority, and submitted to the following e-mail or mailing address:


 (Please use "iDASH DUA" as the subject line)


University of California, San Diego
Division of Biomedical Informatics
9500 Gilman Dr. MC 0728
La Jolla, California 92093-0728
Phone: 858-822-4931

Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute Building
9500 Gilman Dr. MC 0990
La Jolla, California 92093-0990
Phone: 858-822-0268

Please include any applicable compliance documentation.


3) Next steps

After the DUA is submitted:

  1. It will be reviewed and signed by the UCSD Contracts and Grants authority
  2. Instructions will then be provided to the user for accessing the iDASH repository (, creating a MIDAS account, and uploading or viewing data.