Visualization and Analysis of Multiple Streams of Time-Coded Data


Fri Aug 17, 2012


Adam Fouse
University of California, San Diego


Data Modeling and Integration





In many fields of observational research, it is increasingly common to collect many types of data about the activity of study participants, including things such as digital video, system logs, and sensor data. I will present ChronoViz, a tool I have developed for annotation, visualization, navigation, and analysis of multiple streams of time-coded data. Researchers using ChronoViz can navigate data in multiple ways, including through the use of interactive paper technology, and take advantage of multiple synchronized visualizations and annotations. In this talk, I will give an overview of the capabilities of ChronoViz and demonstrate its use in the context of data from several participating research groups at the University of California, San Diego.



Adam Fouse is a doctoral candidate in Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on interactive information visualization of time-based activity to aid analysis of observational data. Using methods from those of cognitive psychology, cognitive ethnography, and computer science, his research combines an understanding of real-world use of visualization technology with development of new tools. Adam received his bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Brown University, and is the recipient of a National Defense Science and Engineering graduate fellowship.


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