iDASH 2012 Summer Internship Symposium

Date: August 10, 2012

Time: 12:30 PM- 4:30 PM

Location: Atkinson Hall Auditorium, UC San Diego

12:30 PM


Nate Heintzman, PhD. & Lucila Ohno-Machado, MD., PhD

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12:40 PM

Integrating, Sharing, and Analyzing Data toward Personalized Diabetes Care

Stephanie Feudjio Feupe, MS

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12:50 PM

Finding Patterns within Blood Glucose Time-Series Data

Michael R. Tyler

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1:00 PM

Linked Data Filtering and Estimation of Missing Values Using the Savitzky-Golay and Kalman Filter

Alec G. Garza-Galindo

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1:10 PM

Phenotype discoverer for dbGaP

Rafael Talavea

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1:20 PM

Text Classification of dbGaP Studies

Karen Truong

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1:30 PM

DOSSIER- Decision Support for Breast Cancer Treatment

Shashank V. Sathe

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1:40 PM

Distributed Logistic Regression: Building Models without Sharing Data

Karo Shaginyan

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1:50 PM

Privacy-Preserving Data Compression

Lijuan Cui, MS

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2:00 PM

Whole Genome rVISTA: Identification of Transcription Factors for Co-Regulated Genes

Matthew D. Munoz. MS

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2:10 PM

Segmentation and Analysis of Ventricles under Pumonary Hypertension 

Afrah Shafquat

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2:20 PM Break  
2:30 PM- 3:00 PM

Presentations on Twitter for Public Health

1. Content Analysis of Asthma-Related Tweets

Gwen Gillingham

2. Content Analysis of Syndromic Tweets

Bethany Keffala, MS

3. Twitter for Tobacco Surveillance

Mark Myslin

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3:00 PM

Visualization of MicroRNA Sequence Data Analysis

Mayuko C. Inoue

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3:10 PM

A Taverna Workflow Engine for Detecting Novel microRNAs

Seyed-Hamid Mirebrahim, MS

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3:20 PM

Twisted ConText NLP Application

Glenn O. Dayton IV

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3:30 PM- 4:10 PM

Presentations on Natural Language Processing

1. User Studies for Schema Builder

Matthew K. Hong

2. Interface for Clinical Temporal Data

Tao Wang

3. Understanding How Clinicians Would Like to Visualize a Patient's Medical Course

Jianlin Shi, MS., MD

4. Temporal Relation Extraction from Clinical Discharge Summaries

Emily Silgard

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4:10 PM

Electronic Informed Consent

Elizabeth Johnstone

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4:20 PM

Closing remarks

Nate Heintzman, PhD

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