Summer Internship Symposium Agenda

Date- July 29, 2011

Time- 9:00 AM- 12:30 PM

Location: Atkinson Hall (Calit2) auditorium, University of California San Diego 

9:00 AM
Prof. Lucila Ohno-Machado, UCSD
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9:10 AM
Integrating Data for Discovery
Bryant Chen, UCLA
Tushar Dave, SDSU
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9:30 AM
Inside and Outside to Two Complementary Approaches to Vascular Modeling
Sylvia Hon, Duke University
Alex Sullivan, UCSD
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9:50 AM
Eigen Face Model for Privacy Preserving Defacing
Konstantinos Sideris, UCLA
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10:00 AM
Building Blocks of an NLP Ecosystem
Annie Chen, UNC Chapel Hill
Jennifer Somaru, UCSD
Liqin Wang, U of Utah
Mingyuan Zhang, U. of Utah
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10:40 AM Coffee Break  
10:50 AM
Onion Routing for Crytographic Security in Biomedical Datasharing: An Overview of a Prototype Network
Gwendolyn Gillingham, UCSD
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11:00 AM
Exploring How Social Networks Affect Student Academic Performance and Health
Myoung Lah, UCSD

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11:10 AM
Privacy-preserving Data Dissemination
Shuang Wang, U. of Oklahoma
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11:20 AM

GPU in Genomics

Howard Ho, UCSD

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11:30 AM
Informed Consent on the iPad
Elizabeth Johnstone, U. of Minnesota
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11:40 AM
Text Classification
Shen Tian, UCSD
Mishika Vora, UCSD

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12:00 PM
The iDASH Website: A Future Portal for Researchers
Myoung Lah, Howard Ho, Elizabeth Johnstone, Shen Tian, Mishika Vora
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Closing Remarks
Asst. Prof. Nate Heintzman, UCSD
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