iDASH Resources

Currently, there are three iDASH Driving Biological Projects (DBPs) to motivate, inform, and support innovations in research methods and approaches –– the core of the deployment of a national iDASH Biomedical Cyberinfrastructure. A key goal of iDASH is to develop and refine open-source software and tools to illustrate the spectrum of computational algorithms and methodologies available for biomedical and behavior researchers nationwide. To that end, a significant collection of software tools is now accessible. Furthermore, schemas, domain models, fundamental algorithms, and other useful resources are available below.

Resource Name Resource Category Intended Users Application Domain Description
NLP NLP researcher or developer Clinical records

A list of variables to consider when annotating a clinical condition in text. The purpose of the guideline/schema is to help instruct annotators about which words to include in a span when annotating disorders, signs/symptoms, and diseases in text.

Privacy Informatics researcher, Software developer Domain-Independent

A privacy-preserving principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm for dimension-reduction for biological datasets.