iDASH Privacy Workshop Videos

Day 1 - October 10, 2011 (Monday)

11:30 AM 

Lunch and Registration

12:30- 12:45 PM
Lucila Ohno-Machado (UCSD)
12:45- 1:15 PM
Keynote Address
Toward Practicing Privacy
Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft)
1:15- 1:45 PM
Keynote Address
Rethink Privacy: Old Challenges, New Direction
Latanya Sweeney (Harvard)
1:45- 2:45 PM
Panel Discussion (Anand Sarwate)
Analysis of disseminated data
Robert El-Kareh (UCSD), Philip Yu (UIC), Joydeep Ghosh (UT-Austin), Charles Elkan (UCSD)
2:45- 3:45 PM
Panel Discussion (Lucila Ohno Machado)
International experience with clinical data dissemination
Khaled El-Emam (Canada), Tim Holt (UK),
Christian Hinske (Germany), Hanna Suominen (Sweden and Australia),
Pekka Jarvinen (Finland), Jonathan Sellors (UK)
3:45- 3:55 PM
3:55- 4:55 PM
Panel Discussion (Latanya Sweeney)
Privacy and data mining algorithms
Vitaly Shmatikov (UTAustin), K P Unnikrishnan (North Shore),
Xiaoqian Jiang (UCSD), Carl Gunter (UIUC), Jaideep Vaidya (Rutgers)


4:55- 5:55 PM
Panel Discussion (Wendy Chapman)
Stakeholders' opinions
Jonathan Gluck (Heritage Fund), Omar Bouhaddou (VA), Kathy Kim (SFSU),
Rui Chen (UConcordia), Anand Sarwate (TTI)
5:55- 6:35 PM
Panel Discussion (Kamalika Chaudhuri)
Privacy protection in GWAS/clinical studies
Bradley Malin (Vanderbilt), Haixu Tang (IU), Chris Clifton (Purdue)
6:35 PM
Reception and Poster Session
Location: San Diego Supercomputer Center Auditorium

Day 2- October 11, 2011 (Tuesday) 7:30 AM

7:30 AM Breakfast  
8:00- 8:30 AM

Keynote Address

HIPAA and Other Regulations to Presrve Patient Privacy

Deven McGraw (CDT)

8:30- 9:30 AM

Panel Discussion (Cynthia Dwork)

Privacy amid the clamor for raw data access

Aaron Roth (UPenn), Kamailka Chaudhuri (UCSD), Guy Rothblum (Microsoft),

Li Xiong (Emory), Karen Messer (UCSD)
9:30- 9:40 AM Break  
9:40- 10:30 AM

Panel Discussion (Xiaoqian Jiang)

Security: systems, clouds, models, and privacy challenges

Winston Armstrong (SDSC), Steve Riley (UCSD), Elaine Shi (UC Berkeley), GeoffreyFox (Indiana University
10:30- 11:20 AM

Panel Discussion (Deven McGraw)

Ethical and legal issues in privacy

Michael Kalichman (UCSD), Xiaofeng Wang (IU), Mary Devereaux (UCSD),
Salil P. Vadhan (Harvard)

11:20- 12:00 PM

Panel Discussion (Wendy Chapman)

Discussion and draft recommendation
12:00- 12:15 PM

End of Meeting

Optional Tour of Private Cloud at Supercomputer Center