iDASH Imaging

iDASH ImagingiDASH is an environment for the sharing and analysis of all forms of medical data, including medical images. Because the iDASH repository is built around the Midas repository developed by Kitware, the greatest functionality is available for image formats recognized by the Insight Toolkit developed by the National Library of Medicine.



Research and Development

  • Image annotation: We are currently building a web-based annotation system that relies completely on HTML5 and CSS3 tools. Images of a variety of formats can be annotated, with annotations linked to standard ontologies such as Radlex and the Foundational Model of Anatomy.
  • Privacy and security: We are currently developing unobtrusive watermarking techniques. We are also evaluating de-identification tools such as image defacing, and scrubbing headers.
  • Characterization of Vascular trees across large populations: We are characterizing vascular structures in 3D.


Tools and Resources