Driving Biological Projects

Biomedical and behavioral researchers work on problems of different spatial and temporal scales. To compare or integrate data for analyses, they require sophisticated computational resources. iDASH uses Driving Biological Projects (DBPs) to guide its research and development. Each project serves as a testbed for the design, implementation, and validation of tools and services. The DBPs have been selected to illustrate a spectrum of computational algorithms, methods, and tools. iDASH began with three DBPs in 2010 and selected three new DBPs in 2013.

2010 – 2013 DBPs

Three DBPs were selected, which included translational research on molecular profiling of an uncommon disease, sensor networks for personal monitoring, and tools for population-based studies.

2013 – 2015 DBPs

Four new DBPs were selected. These included a study of genetic susceptibility of an uncommon disease, issues surrounding informed consent among vulnerable populations, and understanding the willingness of individuals from underserved populations to participate in biospecimen collection and data sharing.