Day 1 Symposium Final Agenda

May 11, 2011


8:00 AM Breakfast  
8:20 AM
Lucila Ohno-Machado (DBMI)
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8:25 AM
Overview of the NCBC program
Jennie Larkin (NIH)
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8:35 AM
iDASH: Vision and Goals
Lucila Ohno-Machado
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8:50 AM
Infrastructure in a Nutshell
Natasha Balac (SDSC)
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9:00 AM
Biomedical Cyber Infrastructure
Claudiu Farcas (Calit2)
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9:20 AM
Nuts and Bolts of the Infrastructure
Dallas Thornton (SDSC)
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9:40 AM
Panel Discussion on Infrastructure
Lucila Ohno-Machado, Jennie Larkin, Natasha Balac, Claudiu Farcas, Ingolf Krueger (Calit2, CSE), Dallas Thornton
10:10 AM BREAK  
10:20 AM
Privacy Preserving Algorithms for Statistical Problems
Kamalika Chaudhuri (CSE)
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10:40 AM
Panel Discussion on Privacy
Kamalika Chaudhuri, Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research), Staal Vinterbo (DBMI), XiaoFeng Wang (Indiana)
11:10 AM
NCBC: NCBO Technology for Clinical and Translational Research
Nigam Shah (Stanford)
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11:30 AM LUNCH  
12:15 PM
DBP2: Monitoring Patient Safety
Fred Resnic (BWH, Harvard)
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12:30 PM
DBP2: Event Detection Statistics Toolbox: Method Selection Considerations
Michael Matheny (Vanderbilt)
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12:45 PM
DBP2: Safety of New Hemotologic Medications
Grace Kuo (Pharmacy)
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1:00 PM

Panel Discussion on DBP2

Fred Resnic, Michael Matheny, Grace Kuo

1:30 PM
Dissemination Efforts: First Steps and a Vision for the Future
Wendy Chapman (DBMI)
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1:45 PM
DBP1: Molecular Phenotyping of Kawasaki Disease
Jane Burns (Pediatrics)
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2:05 PM
DBP3: Physical Activity Assessment and Feedback Tool
Greg Norman (Family & Preventative Medicine)
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2:25 PM
NCBC: Slicer and the NA-MIC Kit
Ron Kikinis (BWH)
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2:45 PM
Panel Discussion
Jane Burns, Greg Norman, Ron Kikinis, Brian Chapman (DBMI), Kevin Patrick (Calit2)
3:15 PM SNACK  
3:30 PM

Demo Session

Claudiu Farcas - Web portal for iDASH

Aziz Boxwala (DBMI) - iPAD Application on Consent Ontology Management

4:00 PM Optional SDSC Tour  
5:30 PM Reception/Dinner