iDASH: integrating data for analysis, anonymization, and sharing.

TitleiDASH: integrating data for analysis, anonymization, and sharing.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsOhno-Machado, L, Bafna, V, Boxwala, AA, Chapman, BE, Chapman, WW, Chaudhuri, K, Day, ME, Farcas, C, Heintzman, ND, Jiang, X, Kim, H, Kim, J, Matheny, ME, Resnic, FS, Vinterbo, SA
Corporate Authorsand the iDASH team
JournalJ Am Med Inform Assoc
Date Published2011 Nov 10
iDASH CategoryData Sharing
AbstractiDASH (integrating data for analysis, anonymization, and sharing) is the newest National Center for Biomedical Computing funded by the NIH. It focuses on algorithms and tools for sharing data in a privacy-preserving manner. Foundational privacy technology research performed within iDASH is coupled with innovative engineering for collaborative tool development and data-sharing capabilities in a private Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-certified cloud. Driving Biological Projects, which span different biological levels (from molecules to individuals to populations) and focus on various health conditions, help guide research and development within this Center. Furthermore, training and dissemination efforts connect the Center with its stakeholders and educate data owners and data consumers on how to share and use clinical and biological data. Through these various mechanisms, iDASH implements its goal of providing biomedical and behavioral researchers with access to data, software, and a high-performance computing environment, thus enabling them to generate and test new hypotheses.
Alternate JournalJ Am Med Inform Assoc
PubMed ID22081224